Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Ezra is one! Wow, this baby sure puts a smile of all of our faces! You can look at him from across the room and catch his eye, he'll raise an eyebrow and just squeal and smile---what a doll!

We had a fun little party for the birthday boy:

The kids made this darling little book for him that had little pictures and notes in it, telling him why they loved him. It made me so happy that Julia and Jack came rushing into the door from school, both with darling notes for Ezra that they had made at school and so excited to wish him a happy birthday. Jack's note cracks me up, hopefully you can see it---"Have you ever tasted cake, ice cream or candy on your birthday? You'll find out it is super!"
Adam insisted on being the first one to go into Ezra's room this morning and tipped toed in and said, "Surprise Ezra baby, it's your birthday!" It was so cute.

I love this little guy so much!