Friday, May 18, 2007

here we are...

i'm excited to have a blog to record the happenings of our family.
here's the breakdown:
aaron: chemical engineer by profession, which he is doing an amzing job at. a wonderful dad, loves to read, do family history and to go on bike rides with the kids.
cortney: author of this blog, still trying to have that perfect day with three children and a small rental house, but hey no one can take my dreams away. i used to love scrapbooking when i had time, now i love to make cards, read (again when i have time), home decorating and staying in touch with family & friends.
julia: a total peacemaker, creative, loves to read and loves that she knows she's smart! absolutely beautiful and still her smarts come first.
jack: lovebug, hilarious, climbs trees, jumps off of anything, indpendent. loves to color and tell stories, a priceless experience to listen to.
adam: a beautiful spitfire of a baby. he is darling and strong all at the same time. loves to be outside and on the move!