Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to Blogging

I know---have I totally forgotten how to blog? Well, I guess sorta! My issue is pictures--I have been terrible at taking pictures lately, really for about the last year! Poor little Ezra, I promise to get better at capturing your babyhood through more pictures.

But, even just this one proves he is the cutest little five month old in the world!

Aaron took the kids hiking today. My kids take hiking really seriously, as in backpacks, binoculars, etc. When they got home, Julia got out a little first aid kit from her backpack to put it away and I just had to laugh inside how she is so prepared--I love it!

I took Julia to see the movie, Ramona and Beezus, tonight--it was a cute show. It was fun to go with just Julia. I loved the Ramona the Pest books when I was little. It made me miss my childhood--it's great being the mom, but I tear up just thinking about how wonderful and carefree childhood is.

And as a finale, a mom story for you!

I was brave and took the kids to Willow Park the other day. I say brave because that's exactly what it is to be alone and take 5 kids anywhere! So, when I went to get Luke out of the car, he had a poopy diaper and it was EVERYWHERE! It was one of those mom moments (which are happening to me like 25 times a day lately!), where you have to laugh, breathe and self-talk, "I can do this, I am strong, I can do this!"
So, as I am getting through this happen all too often dilema, I realized this same exact thing happened to me when Luke was only like 2 months old and I thought I would be super mom and take all 4 kids at the time to Hoogle Zoo. We were there for like 20 minutes in the 100 degree weather and you guessed it: head to toe, newborn baby blowout! I looked at the kids and said, "Pick one more animal to look at because we're leaving!"

Flash forward to the other day, I realized that all my little daily stressful mom moments are starting to duplicate! It's like when you've lived in enough places where you feel like you've met everyone's twin. Now, I've been a mom long enough that I feel like I've lived and re-lived these lovely moments of stress, yikes, what am I going to do moments.

However, there are still soooo many areas of unchartered territory for me as a mom that continue to present themselves. It is so true that as soon as you think you have your child figured out or you are in a little routine, things change! I think it's a child's way of keeping us on our toes. I have been completely overwhelmed with the demands of being a mom for these five souls, but I continue to feel the Lord blessing me and Aaron everyday with strength beyond our own and insight and personal revelation that is exactly what we need, to know how to care for the individual needs of each child.

I just realized no little Lukey Lu pictures in this post--I will get on that and post some more soon. Another motivation to not let so much time pass before blogging again!