Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm it....

Ok, so I know this tagging/blogging thing is just like the chain letters of the 80s and everyone is probably sick of them, but I will go along with this easy one----just six things about myself! I actually am horrible at these kind of things--I always break the chain! (that doesn't count as one of my six!)

1. I worry way too much about large scale things that do not directly effect my life or that I can directly effect. In my analysis of this problem, I have figured out that this comes from my dad who told me once that when he was little he went to bed worried about what kind of bomb could/would hit the U.S.----This kind of thinking is sooo up my alley! I worry about politics, world issues, historical events, possible future events way too much. Ask me if it has done me a lick of good (to use a phrase of my mom's)....NO!
But, in all fairness to my dad, I do not curse this attribute, I'm glad I have it because I think it makes me more sensitive to the world we live in and put more thought into how I look at things.

2. I honestly love people---Nothing intrigues me more than human behavior---I think it is so interesting to see how people live their life and how similar we all really are in the world. This sorta goes along with my first thing because I also worry about people too much!

3. One of my favorite snacks is air popped popcorn with spray butter (great invention!) and garlic salt and parmesan cheese---which leads me to my confession that really think I could live on some type of garlic bread and Mountain Dew---maybe not a healthy life, but nonetheless a happy life!

4. Another favorite thing of mine is a blank white sheet of paper and a great black pen. I have a weird thing about pens--I won't go into the detail of how the ink needs to look, but I love the idea that I can fill the page with lists, doodling, all of my thoughts or whatever I want! I've loved this since I was a child.

5. I love to shop!!! Not a great quality to have when you live in a town that has a drug store, the gas station and tiny grocery store that is a little iffy! So, I get a little too excited when I drive "into town" which actually just means driving anywhere that has a walmart, etc.

6. My favorite time of the day (is NOT the morning!)--is when Julia is home from school and Jack is so happy to see her and Adam is up from a nap and happy. And then about hour after this happy time I really am ready for Aaron to come home! But, nothing gives me more joy than watching my children play together and have little conversations together and when they tell me all about something....oh, I love them so much!

I think the next rule is I'm supposed to tell six other people to do this same thing---but, I don't know that there are six people that blog that actually haven't done this yet---so, if you've already done it, don't worry about breaking the rules! So, my six are: debbie, amanda, melissa, marilyn, melanie, and cricket---cari, i think you already did this, but i would love to hear six more things about you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

So, I'm not on the ball enough to have wedding pictures scanned and saved on the computer---I secretly don't even know how to scan things!'s the most recent picture of me and Aaron---it's like six months ago, thats bad, we need to take more pictures together, but we are always taking pictures of the kids!
Anyway----we have been married 9 years today---holy cow!!! Time seriously does fly by. We have had so many adventures (especially in parenting!) and grown so much since that cold February day of 1999! I am so thankful for all of our time together. I have to say the thing I am most proud of our relationship is that we support each other in growing and reaching our potential (on some days that is just getting dressed for me!), but honestly I love that we share the same ideals and vision in life. I love the unity I feel in our marriage. So, heres to us and many more anniversaries to come! I love you Aaron!

More Fun Four Year Old Conversations!

I love Jack's logic! The other night I was reading to Julia and Jack and then we were just talking and Julia asked something about the Holy Ghost, so we talked about it and then Jack asked, "What is the Holy Ghost?" So, I told him that the Holy Ghost helps Heavenly Father and Jesus by knowing if something is true, and giving comfort, etc.

So Jack says, "So, he is like the elves that help Santa give out all the presents".