Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long Summer Days!

I am having computer issues, so I can't post any pictures---I gave Luke his first haircut and he looks darling, can't wait to get the pictures up!
I think it's time to break down and just buy a new computer--isn't a ten year old computer considered an antique in the computer world?
Aaron has been working like CRAZY--leaving at 5:30 am, getting home at 8:00 pm---this has been going on for what feels like forever, but really about 3 weeks-- and for the last 14 days straight! I've been promised it will be over in the next couple of days! He also has a break from school for a few weeks, so that's a double plus!
So, in my long, no break from children (that I adore, but come on no break for weeks on end!), living in the middle of no where, a/c broken (getting fixed this week) days I've realized some things that I hear over and over and over again everyday. There is such repetition in motherhood--which sometimes is wonderful, other times you want to scream if you hear it one more time!
So, I give you my latest top ten list of what I hear as a mother everyday:
1. "If you liked to make a call, please hang up and try again"--(think operator voice) Luke is constantly getting into the phone!
2. "Joe is coming over"--Adam thinks that Joe from Blue's Clues is his brother and that he is coming over to play--maybe in his world he does come over everyday!
3. "I'm hungry"--This comes from everyone at every minute of everyday--I swear there cannot be a time where everyone is full for more than an hour.
4. "Don't supersize me!"--A sign that the kids have watched too much PBS in the morning.
5. "Poop coming out!!!"--Gross, but reality in being the mom to a potty training child!
6. "Can we go to the gas station and get a sucker?"--I told you our lives are exciting!
7. "Can we ride our bikes?"--Sure, we spent all that money on grass and a fence for the backyard, but go ride your bikes in the free road!
8. "Goo, Goo, you're the Goo Goo, the president of the Goo, Goos"--Julia and Jack's loving name for Luke is Goo Goo and I hear baby talk A LOT around here!
9. "When's Daddy going to be home?"--Great question, let me know when you know the answer!
10. And my personal favorite....."MMMMOOOOOOOMMMMM!" Heard too many times a day to count in varying tones of voice!

There is one thing that I have to say is a huge blessing that I never hear my children say, "I'm bored"--they do have a wonderful way of keeping entertained, even if it does involve taking every cushion off to make the biggest fort ever or playing school for hours and I have to say that their shows (little skits they make up) are hilarious!
And, in all fairness to Aaron, after he comes home after a long day, he still takes time to bounce the kids on the tramp--they love it---I guess that's a few minutes of a break---I'll stop complaining!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baptism Day

Yes, I have a daughter old enough to be baptized---yes, that makes me old---I've already come to this conclusion on my own!
But, getting old is great when it involves events like this! Aaron baptized & confirmed Julia last Saturday and it was a really special day. She looked beautiful!