Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I seem to always have an excuse about not having pictures to add---somehow it doesn't seem like an official post without pictures. But, this time I left my camera at my parents' house over easter---I always leave about 5 things at their house and Aaron's parents' house every time we go down.
So, I resorted to a disposable camera for all the latest events--I couldn't let two birthdays go by without pictures (Jack & Adam).
Jack turned 6 on Saturday! Wow--6! I love my Jack so much---he is such a great boy! Adam's birthday is in two days. When I asked him what kind of a birthday party he wanted (just with the family) he said a red one---I think I can handle that.
Pictures to come when I turn in my disposable camera, the old fashioned way--remember when we all did that--the envelopes, the excitement of getting your pictures back, the scramble to rip off your side of the picture where you have three chins or bad hair!
Also on Saturday, Julia had a piano recital and did a great job. Aaron was at school, so I had every intention of videoing it--well, I had the camera, but it never came out of the case. Somewhere in between Adam dancing around in front of the piano to him running out of the room to him slamming doors---the video just didn't happen.
Last night our family did Family Home Evening at the two nursing homes in Soda Springs. I was really proud of Julia and Jack--Julia played the piano, they both said parts and they sang the new primary song, "The Family is of God"--I think that's what it's called, it's four verses long--they did awesome, I love that they will do things like that with confidence. And Adam & Luke did a great job looking cute!
So, thats my pictureless post--I know boring! I guess I will throw in this picture I got on my email--for all the three people that read this blog--remember my blurp about pegged jeans, well I got this email from J Crew---the jean of the season--it's for real--pegged is back!JCrew.com

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ode to Grace

Lately, I have been going through the usual cycle of feeling that the life outside of Grace would be a little more fabulous than within. It's not a the grass is always greener feeling, more like the grass is more exciting over there, some where, any where else kind of feeling.
But, because I have all the right answers, just not all the right actions (this is a joke!), I reminded myself to count my many blessings, name them one by one--So, here is my ode to Grace, in a listed form:
1. I can drive around the entire town & wave to everyone in 5 minutes, actually that's sort of an exaggeration, more like 3 minutes!
2. I can walk into the gas station to a very cheery welcome of "Hi, Mrs. Chambers" and a couple of weeks ago when I was minding my own business in a perfectly acceptable hot pink mom-suit (matching sweats with hooded sweatshirt) I had one of the "regulars" (you know the ones that sit at the table with their hats on the top of their head in the gas station and shoot the breeze about who knows what for at least 3 hours a day) tell me that I looked like the easter bunny. To which I replied, "I'm just doing my part to welcome in spring." My point: this type of exchange would only happen in a small town!
3. Thanks to amazon and diapers.com, I have all the shopping conveniences I need.
4. Remember the song from Cheers, "I want to go where everybody knows my name"---thats my life!
5. I pretty much see all of your potatoes before the hit the produce aisle at the grocery stores. I see them in large trucks, I see them fall off the trucks and bounce around the road, I see them growing in fields all around me--I see them Everywhere!
6. My children want to sleep outside, are easily pleased by having a quarter to get a gumball at the drug store and can walk in and out of the city library just from my view from the car. They are happy and have no idea what traffic is or how many Jonas Brothers there are.
7. In all seriousness, I have so much to be grateful for. I love our home here, even if I am tripping over a toy every time I turn around (nearly sprained my ankle yesterday). They are some great people here and most importantly: our children are healthy and happy.
Speaking of healthy---noticeably not on the list: having to drive for an hour for a dr. appt, but in that too I can see a blessing--spending quality car time with my children---ha!