Thursday, January 31, 2008

Funny Moments!

I had to post these hilarious moments from the last few days!
Julia--I am actually really proud of this moment---She came home and told me a boy at school said he loved her and tried to kiss her on the cheek and she quickly moved back and said, "don't you even think about it!"
I love it!!!!

Jack---Today we were going to the grocery store, but when I passed the store for the bank Jack grumbled and I said, "Jack, first I have to go to the ATM machine." Then Jack says, "Oh, you have to go to the piggy bank."
Isn't that sooo hilarious? He cracks me up.

Adam---In the last few days he has coined a one word version of "idunno" for I don't know. It is so cute! When I ask him where something is he puts his hands out and says, "idunno"!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Aaron gets the fun award for this one!

Everytime I download pictures I always find documented events that I didn't really know happened! I think I am a fun mom, but I am no snow cave mom---I will give that fun award to Aaron!
The thing that cracks me up about these pictures is that is makes it look like we live in the middle of no where! I guess we pretty much do! This is on the south side of our house where there are just open fields, basically to the mountains.

Sleeping Angels!

So, last night Julia wanted to have a camp out in the the boys' room, so we got jack's mattress on the ground and she got her sleeping bag all in place. Then, the real fun began because I quietly left the room and told them they could stay up talking, but they had to stay in their beds. Well, the computer was just outside the the boys room, so while I was looking at the news, etc. I was able to listen in on all the fun!
It was so darling to hear those two getting Adam to go to sleep. Julia would softly sing "I am a child of God" and then Jack would chime in and so not softly would add his rendition! They sat and talked about what their favorite primary songs were and told funny jokes and laughed at each other and Julia explained to Jack all about how alarm clocks worked!
Somehow sleeping chilldren can have such a renewing effect on you! I just sat here and listened in as they slowing winding down and went to sleep and I was so thankful that I was their mom and that we have been blessed with such beautiful children!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Freezing!!!

I think I have mentioned this before, but there is something so endearing about Jack that almost can't be described in words. He is somehow a really cool, laid back guy in a four year old body! He is the easiest sick child ever--he just says, "I don't feel good, I'm going to go lay down for a few minutes..." Three hours later he wakes up refreshed. He is so easy to love and shares his love freely. It was so cute the other day when he made this little snowman all by himself and then stomped around in the snow in below zero conditions! He just had to go outside and in his words, "a little hot cocoa" made it all better when he was done.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hey, What About Mom??!!!! of my favorite things is to listen in on Julia and Jack's conversations. So, the other day I was in the family room playing with Adam and they were in the kitchen coloring and I was saying silly stuff to Adam to make Julia and Jack laugh. So, then a few minutes later I hear the conversation:
Jack: "We have a funny mom, huh Julia?"
Julia: "Oh yeah!"
Jack: "But, especially our dad, he's really funny!"

Cute, but kinda a blow to my fun level as a parent!

Then, later on in the day we were talking about something about being smart and working hard etc. And Julia said, "Oh yeah, like if I had Daddy's job, theres no way I could do all of his homework." So I said, "You're right, but Julia it's also really hard work to be a mom." She replies, "What mom, moms don't have homework." Wanna make a bet!!!!! It's a constant unfinished assignment!

Sidenote: The "homework" that Julia was referring to was Aaron's preparation to take the PE Exam (Professional Engineer), which includes several pages of notes and calculations for each problem. He took the exam in October and found out right after Christmas that he passed! Congratulations to Aaron, now he can officially put PE after his name, but I joked that he can never take the BS after my name away---that would be bachelor's of science---what were you thinking??!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another old post...

So, I finally have fast enough internet to blog! Now it will just take me months to actually make this blog cute and personalized.
So, for all of you that I've kept in tou
ch with, you know that this month has been totally crazy for us---Adam in the hospital for 10 days, moving into our house, panic of a lifetime when we couldn't find Julia after she got on the wrong bus after school and ended up almost 15 miles away (another long story that I don't wish to re-visit!) and the list goes on...
So, I am hoping for a mellow few weeks or even days would be nice. I think my kids are secretly preparing me for a new baby by alternating the times they each wake up throughout the night to equate to me waking up every two to three hours with a finale of Adam waking up for good at 5:00! They are so sweet to prepare me!
My goal for this week is to get back into some type of routine. For any of you that know me you know that I get really into politics. So, I seriously need to calm down after the debates last night (it's not good for my health!). I honestly lost sleep over it last night and I have to admit that it consumed a lot of my thoughts today. I'm totally for Mitt and I think he did really well at the debate, but I am so sad to say that I think he has made a few missteps and/or bad comments that may really hurt him--thus my frustration! He is the best candidate--I wish he would display what he has accomplished more.
I could go on and on, but I won't! However, here's my message for the day: I don't care who you vote for, but you must vote! It's soooo annoying to me to think that people don't vote.
So, next time I will just be normal and tell about some funny thing the kids did, but today--thats what on my mind!

These were my posts on the other blog...

New Year, New Blog...Finally!

So, I've been saying forever that I would get going on a blog, but we finally got settled in our house and got high speed internet, so this better work! So, this first post is just a test run, then I'll really fill you in on what's new with us!

So confusing!!!

So, after creating a new blog and then realizing most of my postings were going on to this blog---I've decided to just stick to this one! This is so maddening--I swear I am computer literate, but this has been such a pain! Hopefully this will work now!

Those are boy feet!

It's a boy!! I wasn't supposed to get my ultrasound until next week, but I had to take Adam into the dr. today in logan and while I was sitting there waiting, the thought came to me that I was in the same building as my obgyn---maybe they could squeeze me in for an ultrasound today! Well, I called and they did--I was actually kinda surprised. In some ways I didn't really have enough time to be nervous. So, when we got done with Adam's appt., we ran to walmart to load up on treats, stickers, etc. to keep the boys quiet during the ultrasound. So, within a few minutes of it, I just knew it was a boy. I guess I've been through enough of these! So, then she confirmed it and then I said, "well, are you sure thats not the cord or something?" I had to explore that last chance option! She kinda of chuckled and said, "it's pretty obvious--I'm more than sure".'s official--it's a boy! I was a little sad at the thought of finality that Julia for sure will not have a sister thats any where near close to her age---even if we have a another child and it's a girl--they would be like 9 or 10 years apart. This made me a little sad, but she is such a strong personality and so wonderful with her brothers that I know everything will be great. I was excited to think that three little boys will basically all grow up with each other. Julia will continue to be such an example to them and will nurture them like she already does! And Jack, it's so funny because Jack just speaks for himself--I almost don't even have to say anything! He will definitely not have a problem being the trailblazer of the group. And Adam absolutely will not get lost in the shuffle---he is way too strong willed for that. I just love them all so much. I must say, I had a few moments of feeling let down, but then when I saw the little baby's face and his lips moving around---we bonded! I honestly felt an instant love for him!
Now, I hope I can prepare myself for this! I actually never pictured myself as a mom of boys, but then they come and just melt my heart! And anyone that knows me, knows how strongly I love my Julia!
Aaron is really excited too--he reminded me how fun it was for him to grow up with brothers. I am so thankful for what a great dad he is--I soooo could not do it without all of his help and support.
So, I guess I'll hurry and get that girl bedding out of the baby room and start thinking blue!

Monday, January 14, 2008


I seriously don't think I am cut out to be a homebody, but I have to find more ways to enjoy it! I am a bit discouraged because after taking Adam out yesterday for church (which he only stayed in nursery for 30 minutes), he came home with a fever and a cough. So, I guess we are just meant to keep him in for a while longer. I would love to just get out for a couple of hours, but there is no where to go here for just a couple of hours--if you go, thats your travel time--two hours!
Ok, no more complaining! I am going to make breadsticks for tonight and be grateful! I will focus on enjoying my simple life here and enjoying my kids!