Thursday, April 24, 2008


We have had a birthday blitz at our house...Jack and Adam's birthdays are just a few days apart. We've gotten through birthday parties and now I think I am going to miss leftover cake sitting around!
Jack had an outer space/astronaut birthday party with a few friends. He was sooo excited to finally have his birthday come. First thing in the morning, as I am still waking up, I hear Jack wake up and from the hallway yell, "MOM, Look how 5 years old I look!"
Aaron's parents had taken the boys out a week before their birthdays and they were spoiled with gifts and McDonald's playland. And then it was fun to have my parents come up to our house on Jack's birthday and spoil them some more! They got so many fun things and all the gifts were a hit.
Adam has taking over for Jack's love of froggy boots and Jack decided that the best place to use his new shovel and pail was in the potato field---I'm sure he has messed up at least a few potatoes, but he claims, he needs to dig holes for the bugs!
I quickly realized that Adam was two on the morning of his birthday when I gave him a bowl of cut up strawberries and I ate one and he freaked out, threw the bowl, with strawberries flying everywhere, grabbed my mouth with one hand, and then with the other hand reached into my mouth to try to retrieve his strawberry, all the while screaming, "mine, mine." Otherwise, he was really cute all day!
He was in heaven with his Blue's Clues party--he loves blue's clues, loves the songs and does his own version of them all the time. I have to give a big thanks to darling Julia for being such a wonderful party planner and being so thoughtful with thinking out all the details! She was so excited to give her brothers presents that she had bought with "her own money". Aaron and I are so thankful for these beautiful children!
**Don't look close at the cakes---cake decorating is not my thing!!**

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back to the Books....

I am excited to say that Aaron has been accepted to the Executive MBA program at the U. It starts this August and will go through April of 2010. It meets on weekends, alternating Fridays and Saturdays. This will work out well with his work schedule of working four 10 hour days. His work is very supportive of this. I am excited to have the chance to have weekends to shop, hang out with family and be back in the city!
We try to talk to the kids about education and what they can be when they grow up, but I'm pretty sure their only concept of college is when Steve from Blue's Clues goes off to college and learns about cool stuff like music and outer space!
I'm very excited for this new adventure in our family's life--we both feel really good about it and feel like it's the right time to take on this challenge. I know that Aaron will be doing all the work, but I somehow feel like we both got accepted because I was so involved in gathering all the information, the application process and insisting on a new suit for the interview!
Even though I know it will be a sacrifice, I feel confident in Aaron's ability and I know the Lord will help us through the stressful times. And we will definitely be investing in a car dvd player for the extra driving!