Saturday, August 29, 2009


My sweet Jack--never grow out of this! You are such a joy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I told you so....

Isn't it wonderful how kids listen to other adults, but don't believe you?---Maybe a preview for teenage years, where everyone else knows a lot more than your parents!

I took Adam to my doctor's appointment with me today and we listened to the baby's heartbeat and the doctor looked at Adam and said, "There is a baby in your mommy's tummy."

Now remember up until this point every time I mention this to Adam he says, "No, you need to stay big."

We get in the car to leave and he says to me, "So, there is a baby in your tummy?" I say, "Yes". He says, "Did you eat it?"

More explaining followed!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally, some pictures!

Remember being a teenager, in tears with your car broken down and you are just stranded and your dad shows up and listens to your awful drama and he says, "let's take a look" and by some great magic--keys go in and vroom, vroom, car just starts right up. That has been me all over again with the computer---minus the tears and maybe a bit less drama than a teenager, (& not my dad :), but Aaron has listened to me complain and complain about the computer and downloading pictures while he was out of town, then he gets back and after a few busy nights, finally sits down to the computer and again by some magic, the computer just works for him---where are the dang pop up messages when he's around?!

So, I finally give you my summer rundown and first day of school pictures----

We had a great and fun summer, apparently just like the rest of the blogging world because who really writes about how horrible their summer was! But, honestly we did have a fun one--lots of fun family parites, julia's baptism, t-ball & coach pitch baseball, swimming lessons, lagoon, the fair with family visiting (see cari & cricket's blogs), aaron & jack to flaming gorge (see marilyn's blog--I love the picture of Jack in it, he's so dang cute!)---and I don't have one picture of any of these events, but all the more dedicated family members previously listed do!

To top off the great summer we went camping for one night and I dusted off the camera! Ok, with babies and a tent, one night is my limit. I actually like camping, it's the sleep part that is the kicker for me or should I say no sleep!

It really was fun & the kids can now say we went camping, so we're awesome parents for it--providing camping memories for our children!
School has now begun and I have to say it's nice to have some type of routine back. Julia started 3rd grade, Jack started 1st grade and Adam is in Joy School!
More pictures of Joy School to come---needless to say Adam completely loves it and will sing to anyone that will listen, "Oh Boy, I got Joy, I do, Do you?"

In other news---for anyone that reads this and doesn't know---we are expecting a baby! We are super excited and this being the last paragraph of this long post is not reflective of how excited we are or how big of a deal this is for us! Obviously, Luke is clueless that he will be spending his babyhood with another babe, but I am confident that they will be close and little buddies. When I bring it up with Adam he gets all in a dither thinking that I am going to turn into a baby and says, "Mom you need to stay a grown up!"---whatever! The baby is due the end of Feb. and we get the big ultrasound the first part of Oct., so more news to come!