Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yesterday I felt like I got nothing done, was overwhelmed with every task and so tired, but at the end of the day I had to congratulate myself on one great accomplishment---I captured Luke's first smile with this picture! He went on to smile a lot last night---it was really cute. So, the laundry remains undone and I am currently in the same pajamas that I was wearing yesterday, but by golly after almost four weeks of sleepless nights and long days, I got my baby to smile for the camera!
Now, for this baby---Adam has a new found interest in a sucking on a binky and swinging in a baby swing---imagine that! He is being hilarious and I can deal with his fits because he is so dang cute & funny!
And one more birthday to document, our Julia is 7! She had a fun birthday at the Fun Park in Logan with rollerskating (well, she had rollerskates on and held on to the side the whole time!) and fun games and presents! On her actual birthday we had another makeshift party--I put the cake in and we forgot to take it out, so Julia was so sad that her strawberry cake was now chocolate---burnt! Thankfully I had a brownie mix as a backup!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Aaron!

So, I am someone that takes at least a month to even catch my breath from having a baby, let alone "bounce back", whatever the heck that means, but people love to say it! I think a more accurate description of how I feel would be that I am currently being tossed around and maybe eventually will bounce back----back to whatever the new normal will be. But, I have managed to get little things accomplished today, but every night around this time I think---do I relax or do I try to get something done while Luke is sleeping, the kids are occupied and I have a couple of hours before I tackle getting them to bed---I think tonight I will relax!
Today is Aaron's birthday--Happy Birthday! I know it's all relative and 32 is actually really young, but dang it is sounding very grown up to me! 32, four kids, tripping over toys on the ground, cringing when we see crayon colored on the wall, you know the norm----these are all the things that we are supposed to enjoy now because we will miss them later!
The kids and I did a little makeshift birthday party for Aaron, I wish I could've done more, but I was actually proud that I made a cake, rather than just buy the pre-made hostess cupcakes (which I was tempted to do!) and we were able to get him some of his favorite treats, a couple of shirts and a couple of books. Even though this birthday is boring with long hours at work, trying to catch up on sleep (for both of us!), I hope he has had a great day---he deserves it!
Here are some cute updated pictures of baby Luke:

I am already so smitten with how cute he is!
He is growing fast---at his two week appt. he had grown an inch and was up to 9lb 7 oz!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Here is our handsome baby boy, Luke Newel Chambers:

The week started off like this:
Then after a blur of events, this happened:

*The nurses set him there to run a little test on him, so thats why he's there and not in my arms, but this picture cracks me up, like a little foreshadowing of the next chapter of my life!*

The kids instantly loved Luke, Adam loves him a distant kind of a way! But, Julia and Jack are very hands on!
Luke was a healthy 8 lb 14 oz and 20 1/2 inches long, even at two weeks early! He is doing great, however he is jaundice, so since we came home, we haven't really been able to stay home, which put a huge damper on my plans to stay in pajamas for at least a week! We've had to take him every day back to the doctor to get blood drawn to test his levels, which brings me to my love hate relationship with this contraption that he has to lay on all the time other than eating and diaper changes:
I'm glad it is helping get rid of the jaundice, but I am so sick of it! We are hoping that tomorrow his level will be down enough to say goodbye to this for good!
We've had a few different people ask about his middle name, Newel, it's my great grandpa's name---I will try to scan a cute picture I have of me and him when I was little. I am excited to have a child named after him, he was such a kind person and growing up I was always really intrigued with his life, I always wanted to know more.
Anyway, what a week! I am hoping to have that pajama week this week!