Thursday, May 22, 2008

the difference between boys and girls...

so, two nights ago aaron and i decided to go into the hospital because my contractions had been regular for several hours and they increased to five minutes apart for a couple of hours. well, long story short we stayed at the hospital for three hours and the contractions were 2-4 minutes apart the whole time, but they weren't helping me dilate any more than i already was, so i guess they were just for fun---how fun!

so, anyway during this time we had to have a nice neighbor come and sit over night with the sleeping kids. so, after being home for 10-15 minutes and Jack says, "so, did the doctor get the baby out or not?"
he cracks me up---so simplistic! i guess he didn't think through the fact that we would probably have a baby with us if i had had him and i would hope to look a little different myself!

well, when julia got home from school it was a different story---she came through the door, shouting out, "where's the baby?" all excited! i had to dash her high hopes and tell her he didn't come yet, and she got really upset and said she wanted the baby now!
don't we all!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I know I need to get in a better habit of keeping this blog updated because I love to see other people's blogs updated----so, I will try harder!
We've been busy lately just keeping up with the kids, Aaron finished up his EMT class, and I have been busy with PTO (PTA in Idaho, at least in Grace!) and getting ready for the baby! I have about 3 weeks and of course it seems forever away, yet there are still lots of little things on the list to get done. It has been fun having the kids help get all the clothes out and get the room ready because now they seem really excited too. Well, who knows how Adam will react, but we will just take that as it comes!
We had dirt delivered yesterday to get our yard all ready for sod and then a fence---I am soooo excited for that.
Here are some pictures of our recent events:

Julia had her first piano recital. She did a wonderful job! Her teacher is such a sweet lady. I was so proud of Julia for speaking up and introducing her song, etc. She is such a doll! Aaron's parents came to watch--it was lots of fun.

This is totally Jack---last week it was raining and I kept hearing the wagon being dragged around the house--I went outside to find it pouring down rain, I asked Jack to come in and he said he was too busy building his workshop!

I know I say this every time, but Adam is getting more hilarious with each passing day---He has shortened his mama and dada to just ma and da. So, I hear hundreds of times a day, "Hi Ma", "No Ma", "Yeah Ma". It is so cute. He is in such a cute stage right now!

Well, hopefully there will be exciting events soon---I feel like the baby could come any day now, but just for saying that I am probably in for a long three weeks!