Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Cake--Yummy!

My mom has an amazing recipe for pound cake, not like any other pound---lots of butter, sugar, eggs, etc.! Well, just because I'm being festive (not because I was craving it myself!) I made a batch.
It seems that it is now Adam's favorite since he has coined it, "Happy Cake". I think that pretty much sums it up.
Luke seems to have his own recipe for happy cake down since he is sleeping 12 hours a night (this makes me very happy) and is so full of laughs and squeals during his awake hours. He is in my favorite baby stage--sitting up, rolling around, thinking about scooting, but not crawling yet.
After crawling, theres just no turning back!

Friday, December 12, 2008

One Year Ago...

One year ago on this night I was sitting in a place I vow never to be again---Caribou Memorial Hospital---just the name sends my nerves flying.
After almost 48 hours in this wretched place my blood pressure could not take another moment and my dear Adam needed crazy, protective mama bear to come out roaring for him---all moms out there will know these moments in life where something just comes out from deep within and you just have the look on your face of "don't mess with my baby or you'll have me to deal with!". I was so at this point and beyond one year ago tonight---there was just a turning point that night of enough is enough, I'm not taking this anymore---Adam was so weak and many of you know the details of the story, but I've realized that at the time I was in crisis mode and it hasn't been until after the whole ordeal that it has sunk in how very blessed we are that things fell into place when they did so that we could still have Adam with us. From every creditable source, we have learned that a child will die within 3-5 days if intussusception as serious as Adam's was goes untreated. Well, one year ago today we were on day 2, entering day 3. And although we were in the named hospital above, it was going completely untreated!
So, on that cold, foggy night we were raced by ambulance to the small airport in Pocatello to get on the Life Flight plane to go to Salt Lake airport and on to PCMC. Those Life Flight nurses were amazing, after major anxiety attack involving a lot of crying, yelling at the staff of the mentioned hospital, breaking out in sweat and rash--I was so calmed by the Life Flight nurses, they took charge and ripped out every tube and IV that was in Adam and replaced them and informed me on every detail I needed to know.
After arriving at PCMC, Adam condition was immediately treated and he was in surgery and then recovered there for nine long days. Being there for nine days gave me an unforgettable gratitude for life and health. It truly is such a blessing to have healthy children.
I search for words to express my love for Adam and nothing seems sufficient. I will settle to keep my feelings to my heart and simply say I love him beyond measure! And I look at that picture above (which was actually taken towards the end of his hospital stay) and think that little Luke was still in me, waiting to come and it's hard to imagine life without him. And Julia and Jack that were so sweet and loving through this whole experience and continue to be so wonderful. I love these children so much, I love Aaron so much and am thankful that his heart also swells for these children.
I am thankful that the date is December 12, 2008 and that Adam is healthy and full of life today---what a difference a year makes!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I have been sooo bad at pictures lately---I brought my camera to all of our Thanksgiving festivities, but did I take one picture? No! Even though I have no pictures to prove it, we did have a great Thanksgiving. I am really excited for Christmas!
Julia and Jack are really excited too---Julia of course has analyzed over the past year why there is no possible way that Santa could be real because in her words: first, he used the same wrapping paper that she saw me buy at the store and second, santa might be a real person, but there is NO WAY there are flying reindeers. I am not going to lie to her, so I just say if you believe then he's real---then she replies, "well, I'm going to pretend to believe so that Jack will believe."
Jack is at a magical age for Christmas and has asked for a pogo stick for months. I cannot think of another toy that would so perfectly match Jack's personality!
I've been trying to get Adam excited for Christmas, but he's not quite catching on to the whole concept of it all. When I ask him what he wants for Christmas he says, "make bread with mommy"-- He is my little baker helper, so that works out well!
Luke is obviously clueless, but who cares about what holiday it is when you are happy and laughing everyday?! The kids know how to make Luke laugh with peek-a-boo, and boy does he laugh---another thing I need to use my camera (video) for!
I took Luke to his 6-month appointment and they confirmed to me what I already know--he's big! He is 29 inches long and weighs 21 pounds. I didn't think it was possible to grow eight inches in six months, but I guess it is! Aaron informed me that means he has grown one inch every 18 days. All that sleep has done it's job!
Adam has coined a hilarious new term---when I ask him if he is a big boy or a baby, he always replies, "a biggie"---I guess thats the toddler version of a tween!
I will make up for lack of pictures with family pictures to come---I am excited that the same lady that did our pictures in July will be taking them again this week. I actually do not like the stress of getting pictures done at all, but I'm glad to have them when it's all done!