Tuesday, September 23, 2008

attack of the bees!

there is never a dull moment around here---last night the kids were playing outside and julia comes running in and screams, "the yellow jackets are attacking the boys!!!" jack was right behind her screaming at the top of his lungs and poor adam was just in a standstill on the grass hill with bees swarming all around him---aaron jetted out to adam while i was frantically trying to get all the freaky creatures off of jack--there were three still stuck to his head, which in turn made for more screaming as they flew around the house---for several minutes i'm pretty sure everyone in our house was screaming! so, after a lot of screaming and many tears--we realized that jack and adam had each been stung four times---it was not a fun two hours for that benadryl to really kick in! jack's poor ear was all red---but, they finally fell asleep and they seemed to be a lot better today, but i have declared it a stay inside day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apologies for tags & Why I love this season....

First things first, I have not neglected checking everyone else's blogs on a daily basis, but I have neglected keeping my own up to date! I have had two different tags on my do to list, but I am just really bad at getting to those, so heres a summarized version:
1-the first one was for julia to answer questions about me & bless her sweet heart, all of her answers revolved around the theme that all i do and am good at is cooking and/or cleaning---little does she know that i hate to clean---well, actually i think shes picked up on that by now! anyway, i was kinda depressed by this and committed to finding opportunities to show her more of my talents and hobbies, etc. i won't bore you with details, but i have thought of a lot of ideas and i am excited to try to be better in this area.
2-the next tag was a lot about where i've been (travel) and where i'd rather be now---and my first response is, why would i rather be anywhere than grace, idaho???!!! just kidding, i love my home and i have enjoyed having more "at home" days lately. to sum up---places i've lived: long beach, california (unitl i was 12), draper, utah, nauvoo, il (for four months), provo & orem, utah, salt lake city, utah, lehi, utah and now grace, idaho----
places that i'd like to go: boston and surrounding area, back to new york--i still think about all the fun things i would love to still see and do there and any relaxing resort!

Now, on to why i love this season, fall time (it is already feeling very much like fall here, but no changing colors yet)
1-i love when it is just cool outside, just enough to feel crisp and clean air---also, because it's not hot---i don't like the heat...
2-love that life gets into more of a routine
3-love crock pot meals & soups---soup is my favorite dinner to make--i have lots of different recipes i love!
4-love cute sweaters & just all the fun clothes related to cooler weather---i feel more dressed up and put together in fall/winter clothes
5-we can get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour!

And now, here some of the latest pictures:Luke has graduated from the Boppy to the Bumbo! This is his first reaction to it--like what are you doing to me, mom, but he loves it now.

This little handsome guy has become my second skin in the last couple of weeks! He is also is the hording things around stage, he is usually carrying two to three small stuffed animals, a blanket and a sippy cup! He currently takes up the majority of my energy, but he also melts me with those eyes and eyelashes!
And look at these cute school kids! Julia latest thing is when I ask her something simple, she gives me this huge, long descriptive answer, like she wore a sweater the other day to school and i asked her if she got too hot in it and she said, "i wasn't hot, i was hotter than hot, like lava coming out of a volcano" and it went on longer than that! And then Jack piped in, "I wish I could be a volcano!"
The mornings continue to be long for poor Jack waiting and waiting for that darn bus! He continues to love school!

And I will leave you with this one last picture....I predict major payback for this when Luke gets a little older--the joys of older and creative siblings: