Thursday, January 8, 2009


I know I have been a big blogging slacker, but in my defense it's because I cannot find this:
I have searched high and low for the dumb cord to download all my pictures and no luck---I know exactly what will happen-I will order a new one, it will come in the mail and then magically I will find the original.
We had a great Christmas, maybe I will post pictures before Valentine's Day, maybe! Other things I need to blog about, when I get the pictures to go along:
*Snow, snow & more snow---it's only January and I'm already sick of it!
*Julia & I had a great girls' weekend to Logan--It was so fun to spent time with her and I learned all the secrets of the 2nd grade!
*My children continue to go through trees of paper, constantly creating hats, books, monsters, robots and on and on---which leaves a huge mess in the dining room that I have just accepted and choose not to clean because I just wouldn't want to get in the way of creativity!!!
*We have become game machines---we have played more Yahtzee, Phase 10, Cranium & Monopoly in the last few weeks than all of last year.
*I just realized I can post a few pictures from our family pictures---I got the cd in the mail today---once again, no perfect shot where everyone is looking, but I think that will have to wait for a few years, many years!