Friday, August 26, 2011

Round One

I have so much summer to still post---it's on my never ending to do list! Julia and Jack started school today, then next week Luke starts preschool again and Adam in Kindergarten. Wow, that leaves just me and Ezra for a couple of hours everyday---the options seem endless!

Here are the darling and dashing Julia & Jack:

I should mention it's near impossible to get a natural smile out of Jack, he's got an upper lip thing going on. So, then I tell them put your arm around each other and Julia squeals, "Mom, this isn't working out!"

I finally just ask Jack to not smile. Then one last shot & oh yes he brings a ball to school everyday and bounced it the whole walk home! Then he was so done with pictures!

But, that Julia is always up for one more smile!

Adam met with his teacher today for his assessment and I was giving him all this advice, "Use good manners, speak loud and clear enough", etc. and Jack pipes up and says, "And slick your hair". I think Adam has the hair slick down---cute boy!


Craig and Cricket said...

The pics of Jack "not smiling" crack me up! Looks like they are all ready for school! So fun!

cari said...

Too cute! Enjoy those couple hours with just Ezra!

J&Jchambers said...

so cute. I love back to school time.. i love that Jack brings a ball to school everyday and that Adam slicked his hair. Such cute kids you have.

Amanda said...

I'm dying at how cute y'all are. I sent Peter off for his first day of pre-k 4 yesterday. He woke me up at 5:30am asking if it was time for school. Love the enthusiasm. I'll blog about it all later. I just love you! Miss you! What are you going to do with all your time now? Beautiful children!