Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Changes

There has been A LOT that has gone on in our family since my last post, forever ago!
We have moved to Denver, Highlands Ranch to be exact & we are loving it so far. It was a lot harder to leave Smithfield than I thought it would be, but we felt really good about the move. Aaron accepted the position of Manager of Distribution Services at Agrium's corp. offices in Denver. He is really excited about this new position & we are both thrilled about the change in commute time!
So, I am just learning how to use the camera on the iPhone (I'm always sooo behind everyone else with tech stuff, even my children!). So most of the pictures are blurry & I'm still trying to figure out which Instragram filters work best---it's fun to play with, but I have a lot of learning to do!

Getting the house all packed up!

Shuttle bus from our Smithfield home to the airport!

Ezra livin' it up with room service ice cream!

Julia, Jack & Adam going over basketball cards, like they always do!

A week of watching basketball in the hotel, eating out & realizing how nice the extra space of a suburban is! But, by the end of the week we were all ready to get into our house, get back to our normal car, etc.

Of course it only took Luke a day to do what was stressing me out the most! Don't worry though, Aaron reinforced it really well!

It was hilarious to me that the second we walked into the Apple store the kids knew just what to do! It was fun to go see the temple and we're happy that we are only about 10 minutes away---or, should I say, where Jimmer is getting married!

The best of all for me was getting the fence installed and gates locked! The kids have wanted to eat outside almost every day--love this picture of them!

We feel very blessed with this move, it is a big change for us, but we love all the opportunities to grow and experience new things. Julia, Jack & Adam really like their new school and we are getting Luke's home program up and going in the next few weeks. We aren't quite settled in our home yet, but love it already!
I am so thankful for everyone that helped us with this transition---so many thanks to my mom and dad & aaron's parents, to people in our last ward & new people in our ward now that have been so welcoming, to my dear friend Heather coming the last couple of days that we were in our Smithfield home while Aaron was out of town and helping with my children and cleaning out my fridge (that's true friendship! :) All of my sisters and brother & Aaron's sisters and brothers---thank you all sooo much for all the support!

We are looking forward to making this home for a while & I'm so thankful that all the promptings and guidance we felt in selecting this home, ward, school have be reaffirmed with assurances since we've moved in.
Much more to come.....


cari said...

So glad to hear you're settling in. I can't imagine what it's like moving a large family to a new state. Hang in there! (Don't feel bad about technology. I'm still trying to figure out my phone. I keep hanging up on people when I'm talking to them!) Love you!

Rob and Mare said...

I just emailed Aaron and asked all the questions you wrote about=) Perfect post! So happy for you guys and your adventures. Keep us updated! Tell the kids hi=)

Lucie and Clint said...

Cortney!! I have to say that I am so excited to read about your blog post but really sad that you guys are gone. I was in Smithfield the other day and decided to stop by to say hi... and there it was: nothing! I almost cried when I realized you guys had moved. So I am now glad to know more about it and where you are! Anyways, I need your email address, I have something I need to email you! :)
Miss you guys!

Craig and Cricket said...

Oh, I love it! You guys all look so happy! Ezra and the room service, priceless! Can't wait to come visit! I am so glad you are getting settled and are happy!

Discovery Preschool said...

Hey Cort, i really do want to talk again.. but this post was good to cover how things are going. We need to plan a time when our kids are most likely asleep and then chat away. I am glad things are going so good though! Let us know if you need anything!