Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Today after church I sat in the car with all the kids all strapped in, mostly just thankful we got through church and everyone was now safely strapped into car seats, what I mean is that I was done chasing! We were waiting for Aaron to get set apart as a counselor in the Elder's Quorum Presidency, I just counted, this is the 8th presidency he's been in! Anyway, as I sat there I watched this darling little family that had just blessed their baby on Easter Sunday taking all these family pictures. They had two little girls in beautiful dresses that actually looked at the camera and smiled at the right time! They were a cute little family, so I thought, wow, why don't we take a cute family picture on Easter Sunday?

Well, it's a trade off after church what is most crucial: changing your clothes or getting something to, I knew I had to act fast, as Luke had already starting the changing clothes process on his own! We got the kids sitting down & Aaron broke out in songs to get all the smiles, so of course they all looked at him instead of me, but whatever!

That was cute, sort of everyone looking, so let's try some more!

Nope, the moment is over, we're done, time to eat!


Rob and Mare said...

I'm super impressed with the first picture! I can barely get my ONE kid to even smile without sticking out his tongue. Cute cute family, Cort. i miss you guys


wow! What a happy family. awesome pics

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